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(I hope you’ll take the time to read the following once. I wanted to share some of the “how did we get here?” story. The link to the family tree is at the bottom.)


During the summer of 1994 Kathy and I attended a Boericke Family Reunion on the shores of Chesapeake Bay in Maryland. While there I received a copy of a Boericke family tree that had been prepared by Carolyn (Imhoff) Picciotti, Kathy’s 2nd cousin once-removed. The tree showed many generations of Boericke ancestors and cousins, and believe it or not there was already another McQueen on it! It wasn’t long before I was hooked, and I’ve been enjoying genealogy ever since!


I poked and prodded for a while, picked up some family tree software and started collecting data. I made most of the usual mistakes, and I haven’t always done a good job of crediting sources.


I even had one of those breakthrough moments that you read about on the internet. I had posted a general inquiry on a McQueen surname internet forum (GenForum). A few weeks later I received an email from a stranger in South Africa who was pretty sure we were cousins. I remember that the date was April 2, 2000, because it was the same day as Uncle Dan McQueen’s memorial service. Anyway, after a few rounds of email correspondence Heather (McQueen) Shand and I determined that we are 4th cousins once-removed. This connection revealed numerous McQueen ancestors and cousins.


Another internet breakthrough came when my mom found an obituary for Alettha (Coutant) Halsted on the internet. A little checking revealed a great website produced by Phil Chadeayne. More on that later…


Albert van Zyverden (my 2nd cousin once-removed) was very prolific; his work includes a hand-drawn tree in scroll form that is 22 feet long! It lists more than 900 people in 18+ generations, dating back to the early 1500s. Thanks to 2nd cousin Dirk van Zyverden for trusting me with a copy of that scroll!


First cousins Kurt Wille and Meryl Hyatt helped me get started. They supplied lots of initial data.


After casting about for a reasonable method to share all this information, I finally found a tool that has allowed the creation of this website.


The site is rudimentary, but the data itself should be interesting to many. It will get prettier, better, easier, bigger as time goes by.


It’s just recently dawned on me how badly I need photographs, particularly of the older generations. Photos will make this site so much more enjoyable. Any contributions towards this effort would be hugely appreciated. I obviously need need photos, so dig out those shoeboxes, but I also need people to catalog and scan them. Any volunteers?


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My Approach to Genealogy


My research is generally focused on the ancestors of my children, Kenny and Megan. Their great-grandparents are named McQueen, Reuter, van Zyverden, Robinson, Boericke, Hall, Henderson, and Sandstrom, so these surnames form the basis of most of my research. There are almost 60 surnames in the total list of direct ancestors.


England, France, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Scotland, and Sweden are all on the list of places the family came from.


A plethora of local knowledge and other data has sometimes allowed me to research and document a web of families that are not strictly related to mine, except through marriage. In some cases there is only one link between another large family group and mine. Essentially everyone in the tree is related (by blood or marriage) to at least one other person in the tree. In the few cases where I have a single unrelated individual or small group it is only because I have not yet proved their relationship to someone in the main tree.


The internet is an almost perfect way to share family tree information. Most genealogists know that they should take precautions to protect the privacy of living individuals who are included in their trees. As this site develops I will continue to take steps to protect privacy, Anyone who has a privacy concern should contact me.


It is against my nature to ignore facts, but sometimes those facts (such as divorce) are unpleasant. I believe that it is important to present a complete and accurate picture of family history, so all known pertinent facts are generally included.


Clay McQueen

February 19, 2005




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